Joanna Streck, Ph.D., interviewed on University of Oxford’s podcast “Let’s talk e-cigarettes”

Dr. Joanna Streck talks on University of Oxford’s podcast, “Let’s talk e-cigarettes,” discussing her new study looking at “the feasibility, acceptability and preliminary effects of switching from combustible cigarettes to e-cigarettes in individuals in treatment for opioid use disorder.” The trial is called “Switching Individuals in Treatment for Opioid Use Read more…

Daniel Hall, Ph.D., invited to speak at the 2023 International Vasculitis Symposium!

HPRIR executive faculty member Daniel Hall, Ph.D., has excitedly been invited to share his presentation: “Living with Vasculitis: Managing uncertainty about pain, fatigue, and sleep” at the 2023 International Vasculitis Symposium! The conference will take place July 14-16th in Chicago, IL. Learn more about the conference and register here!