Mission Statement

The HPRIR Program is a joint initiative between the MGH Mongan Institute Health Policy Research Center and the MGH Department of Psychiatry to harness the strengths of interdisciplinary behavioral health services research to enhance health, wellness and resiliency.


To develop, assess, implement, and disseminate innovative health promotion and resiliency treatments and models of care delivery.

PROGRAM GOAL: To promote the development of accessible, evidence-based

interventions focused on resiliency, prevention, and survivorship.


  • Conduct behavioral delivery science research that enhances healthcare access and utilization
  • Assess mind-body resiliency interventions adapted for patients, providers, and vulnerable or underserved community populations
  • Build interventions that bridge oncology and primary care treatment across the cancer care spectrum
  • Develop psychosocial and behavioral treatments that are accessible, sustainable and integrated into healthcare systems
  • Promote health equity and health justice
  • Increase the use of telehealth research designs and treatment
  • Leverage innovative technology-based means of intervention delivery
  • Prioritize community outreach intervention research
  • To facilitate implementation research in resiliency and behavioral treatments


  • To train investigators and clinicians in resiliency and behavioral intervention research
  • To prioritize training in health equities and disparities research
  • To increase the diversity of clinical researchers trained in resiliency and behavioral intervention research
  • To promulgate training in evidence-based mixed methods (qualitative and quantitative) research


  • Mind-body medicine interventions
  • Stress management and resiliency treatments
  • Stage-based and risk-based motivational treatments for health behaviors
  • Psychoeducational interventions
  • Positive psychology interventions
  • Problem-solving and emotion-focused coping skill-based interventions
  • Cognitive-behavioral interventions
  • Biobehavioral measurement
  • Phased Intervention Development