MGH Adolescent and Young Adult Cancer Program

The Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) Cancer Program was created to optimize the care, outcomes, and experiences of adolescent and young adult patients (ages 15-39) with cancer through integrated care delivery, research, and education.

MGH Behavioral Medicine (BMED) Program

The Behavioral Medicine Program (BMED) at Massachusetts General Hospital provides specialized care at the intersection of psychology and health for patients impacted by both medical and psychiatric conditions through clinical work, professional training and research.

The Benson Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine

The mission of The Benson Henry Institute is to fully integrate mind body medicine into mainstream healthcare at the Massachusetts General Hospital, as well as throughout the country and the world, by means of rigorous, evidence-based research and clinical application of this work.

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center

Mass General Cancer Center provides expert care for all types of cancer, including the rarest and most complex. Access to our experienced doctors means you can feel confident knowing you are getting the most advanced care for your cancer.

MGH Cancer Outcomes Research and Education Program

The Cancer Outcomes Research and Education Program (CORe) is a unique, collaborative research team with members from oncology, nursing, palliative care, psychiatry, and psychology. CORe’s breadth of experience as investigators and clinicians enables the team to integrate multiple perspectives into a transdisciplinary research platform.

The MGH Cancer Center Supportive Care and Survivorship Program

The Mass General Cancer Center Survivorship Program’s goal is to promote the health and wellbeing of patients with cancer following completion of initial therapy.

MGH Cardiac Psychiatry Research Program

The Cardiac Psychiatry Research Program (CPRP) aims to improve the mental health and medical outcomes of patients with heart disease.

ENGAGE Initiative: The Cancer and Mental Health Collaborative

Directed by Kelly E. Irwin, MD, MPH, the mission of the Cancer and Mental Health Collaborative, (ENGAGE) is to promote equity in cancer care for patients affected by mental illness, and to support their families and caregivers.

Other Affiliated Programs