Undergraduate students in the Boston area who are interested in clinical psychology, public health, cancer research, smoking cessation, and/or mind body interventions are encouraged to apply to the Health Promotion and Resiliency Intervention Research (HPRIR) undergraduate clinical internship program at Massachusetts General Hospital.

Our undergraduate interns are an integral part of the HPRIR team, and work closely with, and under the supervision of, a faculty investigator within the program. During the course of their internship, students learn and hone skills in a variety of areas, including conducting literature reviews, qualitative coding, database creation and maintenance, manuscript preparation, etc. Students will also recieve career guidance and, occasionally, be provided opportunities to present their work with the department or attend national conferences.

Current Interns

Wren Hager

Wren is currently a student at Wellesley College, class of 2025. She primarly works on Dr. Elyse Park’s Forward Together (ForTe) study and assists with the Smoke Free Support Service.

Danny Jacobson

Danny is currently a student at Tufts University, class of 2025, majoring in Psychology.  He primarily works with Dr. Giselle Perez on her various research projects.  His interests include emotion and clinical psychology.  He is particularly interested in the causes, symptoms, and management of emotional hardships caused by stressors, such as a cancer diagnosis.

Internship Program Graduates

  • Audrey Cantillon
  • Riley Giallanza
  • Erika Tsuchiyose
  • Stella Si
  • Zainab Mian
  • Elissa Perez
  • Noah Stancroff
  • Ana Lopez
  • Alex Rene
  • Denise Chow
  • Peri Barest
  • Nicole Gonzalez
  • Megha Tandon
  • Huilin Li
  • Ariel Brathwaite
  • Ellen Park