HPRIR Clinical Research Program/ Project Manager

The Health Promotion & Resiliency Intervention Research Program (HPRIR), a joint initiative of the Mongan Institute and the Department of Psychiatry at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), seeks to hire a full-time Project Manager to manage research trials focused on health promotion and resiliency in a range of health populations.

HPRIR focuses on harnessing the strengths of interdisciplinary behavioral health services research to enhance health, wellness, and resiliency. Our research teams develop, assess, implement, and disseminate innovative health promotion and resiliency treatments and models of care delivery. The main goal of our program is to promote the development of accessible evidence-based interventions focused on resiliency, prevention, and survivorship. Examples of our work include: 1) conducting behavioral delivery science research that enhances healthcare access and utilization, 2) assessing mind-body resiliency interventions adapted for patients, providers, and vulnerable or underserved community populations, and 3) developing psychosocial and behavioral treatments that are accessible, sustainable, and integrated into healthcare systems.

This position provides an excellent opportunity for those interested in gaining experience in multidisciplinary research on cancer survivorship care, health promotion in older adults, community-based research, and multi-site randomized controlled trials.  It also offers an opportunity to learn about the delivery of mind-body medicine.  The candidate will work under the supervision of Elyse R. Park, PhD, MPH, HPRIR Manager and Principal Investigator, and Lara Traeger, PhD, Principal Investigator. 

Specifically, the Project Manager will focus on directing 2 randomized clinical trials:

Assessing the Effect of Virtual Navigation Interventions to Improve Health Insurance Literacy and Decrease Financial Burden: A CCSS randomized trial/HINT II

Principal Investigator: Elyse Park, Ph.D., MPH. We are conducting a Type I hybrid effectiveness-implementation trial to assess the effectiveness of HINT-S compared to enhanced usual care (EUC) in promoting health insurance literacy, thus reducing worry, unmet health care needs, and financial consequences due to medical costs to improve care and long-term outcomes of childhood cancer survivors. While this synchronous intervention is individualized, an asynchronous intervention may be more cost-effective and scalable. Thus, we will also compare HINT-S to HINT-A, a prerecorded, asynchronous version of the 5 HINT-S navigator sessions. Potential participants will complete an electronic screen, consent, and baseline survey and then will be randomized to one of three treatment arm (HINT-S, HINT-A, or EUC). All participants will complete surveys at baseline, 6, 12, and an 18 month follow-up and will receive $20 for each survey. A rigorous implementation evaluation will be conducted.

Enhancing Resilience in Senior Living Community Residents: A Randomized Controlled Trial

Principal Investigator: Lara Traeger, PhD. We are conducting a randomized controlled trial to assess the impact of a 9-session evidence-based mind-body intervention on resiliency, flourishing, and other outcomes among older adults living in several senior living communities across the country. Community residents who consent to study participation will complete surveys at baseline, 3 months, and 6 months. After the baseline survey, they will be randomly assigned to receive the mind-body intervention immediately or after 6 months. The intervention will be delivered by trained clinicians within each community. All other study procedures and clinical group supervision will be conducted by the study team. Outcomes will be compared between the two groups at 3 and 6 months.

Job responsibilities include the following tasks:

Project Management:

Manage day to day project tasks including:

  • Monitoring study progress (recruitment, enrollment, follow-up)
  • Institutional Review Board documentation creation and monitoring
  • Submitting documentation to the funding agency
  • Monitoring adherence to study protocols
  • Managing a team of research assistants
  • Managing ongoing trial budgets
  • Design of study materials
  • Scheduling, coordinating, and leading study meetings
  • Descriptive data analysis

Other Responsibilities:

  • Assist with grant preparation
  • Oral communication of study progress/results
  • Manuscript preparation


  • BS/BA Required
  • MA/MS/MPH Preferred


  • Minimum of 5 years of research experience
  • Prior supervisory experience strongly preferred
  • Project management experience preferred 


  • Interest in health behaviors, oncology, aging, or public/community health
  • Excellent organizational, communication (oral and written), and problem-solving skills.
  • Strong computer skills, experience working with database, spreadsheet, and word processing programs, and ability to use Microsoft Office (Access, Excel, Word, Power Point). 
  • Familiarity with data analysis programs (e.g., SPSS, SAS or STATA)
  • Excellent English language skills (grammar and spelling) are a must. Spanish fluency a plus. Good telephone and in-person communication skills are also required.
  • The ideal candidate is a self-starter who works well as a member of a team yet has ambition and drive to take on tasks independently. He/she must be able to handle and prioritize multiple tasks, have strong organizational skills and pay close attention to detail.

Working Conditions:

The position is located at 100 Cambridge Street, 15th Floor, on the MGH campus.   

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HPRIR Clinical Research Coordinator Positions

If you are interested in joining our program as a full-time Clinical Research Coordinator, please see the postings below. We ask that you please submit both a resume and a cover letter with your application. Click the link provided to be directed to the application portal. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via email HPRIR@mgh.harvard.edu

No opportunities at this time.

HPRIR Undergraduate Internship Opportunities

Students who are interested in the topics of clinical psychology, public health, cancer research, smoking cessation, and/or mind body interventions are encouraged to apply to the Health Promotion and Resiliency Intervention Research (HPRIR) undergraduate clinical research internship program at Massachusetts General Hospital.

This is a great opportunity for those who are looking to learn more about clinical research and working in a team environment. Research interns learn and hone skills in a variety of areas, including conducting literature reviews, qualitative coding (NVivo), database creation and maintenance (REDCap), manuscript preparation, etc.  

Internship requirements:

  • Commitment to working 12-15hrs/week and ability to attend requested meetings
  • Commitment to working for 2 semesters (or 1 summer and 1 semester)
  • Ability to be on-site at MGH 1 day/week

The following faculty projects may be hiring interns on a rolling basis:

  • SSS 2.0, “Smoke Free Support Study 2.0”
  • HINT II, “Assessing the Effect of Virtual Navigation Interventions to Improve Health Insurance Literacy and Decrease Financial Burden”
  • Screen ASSIST, “Integrating Tobacco Treatment into Lung Screening at PHS”
  • ForTe, “Forward Together – the SMART-3RP adapted for Cancer Survivors and Caregivers”
  • Erickson Study, “Enhancing Resilience in Senior Living Community Residents”
  • Intervention Development for Women’s Sexual Well-Being in Cancer Survivorship

If you would like to learn more, email HPRIR@mgh.harvard.edu.

To apply for a clinical research internship, please email HPRIR@mgh.harvard.edu the answers to the following screening questions, in addition to a most recent CV/resume.

  • Of the projects listed above, which are you most interested in and why?
  • We require a two-semester commitment. Can you stay on for two semesters and when would be your estimated start date/end date?
  • We require a minimum of 12-15 hours/week. What would be your estimated time commitment across the two semesters (e.g., hours/week or days/week)?
  • What school are you currently attending/projected graduation year? Are you able to be on-site (at 100 Cambridge St, Boston MA) at least 1 day/week?

Note: this is an unpaid, learning experience and is not employment.