Graduate students who are interested in the topics of behavioral health, implementation science, cancer survivorship research, adolescent and young adult health, rare diseases, cardiovascular health, tobacco treatment, health insurance navigation, healthcare utilization, and/or mind-body resiliency interventions are encouraged to apply to the Graduate Clinical Research Externship in the Health Promotion and Resiliency Intervention Research (HPRIR) Center at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).  

This is a great opportunity for those who are looking to gain clinical and research experience across multiple phases of evidence-based behavioral interventions. Graduate clinical research externs learn and hone skills in a variety of areas, including clinical trial planning and day-to-day execution, literature reviews, implementing evidence-based treatments, data coding and analysis, study presentations, manuscript preparation, and effective collaboration with community partners.  

The graduate clinical research extern will be an integral part of the HPRIR multi-disciplinary team. Externs are assigned a primary supervisor from the HPRIR executive or core faculty (listed on our website) and participate in weekly individual and team meetings. Externs receive mentorship and develop individualized goals for cultivating roles, skills, and deliverables aligned with their career interests and the needs of active projects.  

Please note, this is an unpaid, learning experience. Recent externs have led and co-authored manuscripts and conference abstracts, served as study interventionists and fidelity coders, and attended multidisciplinary meetings with clinical psychologists, physicians, nurses, social workers, public health researchers, biostatisticians, and other graduate and undergraduate trainees. MGH is an equal opportunity employer, and we especially encourage individuals from under-represented backgrounds to apply. 

We encourage all applicants to read more about HPRIR, faculty, and current projects.

HPRIR Graduate Clinical Research Externship requirements:  

  • Commitment to working 6-8 hours/week and ability to attend requested meetings  
  • Commitment to working for 2 or more consecutive semesters (e.g., Fall/Spring, Summer/Fall) 
  • Ability to be on-site at MGH 1 day/week  
  • Faculty advisor from your current Master’s or Doctoral program (in addition to being assigned a HPRIR faculty advisor) 

To apply, please fill out the form HERE, or email your CV/resume and answers to the following questions to 

  1. Of the projects listed on our website, which are you most interested in and why? 
  1. We require a 2-semester commitment. Can you stay on for 2 semesters, and when would be your estimated start date/end date?  
  1. We require a minimum of 6-8 hours/week. What would be your estimated time commitment across the two semesters (e.g., hours/week or days/week)?  
  1. What school are you currently attending/projected graduation year? Are you able to be on-site (at 100 Cambridge St, Boston MA) at least 1 day/week?