Mind Body Program for Cancer Survivors

Stress Management and Resiliency Training (SMART): Relaxation Response Resiliency Program (3RP) at Massachusetts General Hospital

The Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center is pleased to offer the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine’s highly regarded SMART-3RP training in an online format on Zoom. This program is designed to assist patients who have completed cancer treatment by providing critical tools to help them cope with the experience of their diagnosis and treatment as well as adjust to life after treatment.

During eight, 90-minute weekly sessions, this program will help participants:

  • Learn self-care techniques, through relaxation, mindful awareness and adaptive thought patterns
  • Reduce stress and physical/emotional symptoms associated with cancer and its treatment
  • Cope with and manage late effects of treatment
  • Promote a sense of control, optimism, acceptance and well-being

Elements of the program include: interactive lessons, healthy behaviors, group learning, skills training, symptom monitoring, and self-care.

Enrollment for Spring Groups 2022

The Mind Body Program for Cancer Survivors is billable to insurance; most insurers cover the program. Pre-registration and a $50 materials fee are required.

Spring 2022

  • Mondays 4:30-6:00 PM beginning March 28th on Zoom
  • Tuesdays 10:00-11:30 AM beginning March 29th on Zoom
  • Thursdays 9:00-10:30 AM beginning March 31st on Zoom

For information, or to register, email: mghsurvivorship@partners.org

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the goal of the group program?
This program is designed to assist patients who have completed cancer treatment by providing critical tools to help them cope with the experience of their diagnosis and treatment as well as adjust to life after treatment.

Who is the program for?
The program is geared towards adults who have completed their cancer treatment. However, there are some exceptions to this. For more information about whether this program is the right fit for you, please send questions to MGHSURVIVORSHIP@partners.org.

What will group sessions be like?
During each group session, we will introduce a variety of mind-body strategies to help you adapt to and navigate some of the challenges that you may experience with the transition to cancer survivorship as well as other ongoing life challenges. We will also introduce other practical strategies for managing life stress and developing healthy physical activity, nutrition and sleep habits. You will be encouraged to practice these strategies regularly throughout each week.

Will the groups talk specifically about cancer?
Conversations during sessions might naturally focus on the challenges of cancer survivorship. However, we also often talk about other chronic stressors and goals. Importantly, this program encourages you to set goals and build skills that will be most relevant to you.

Where is the program held?

During the COVID19 pandemic, all classes will be held online via Zoom. In normal times, the program is offered in-person at MGH Boston ‘s Yawkey Building, MGH Waltham and MGH Danvers.

Can I join at any time?
This is an 8-week program and we invite participants to join for the full 8 weeks. New groups start approximately every 2-3 months. Please contact MGHSURVIVORSHIP@partners.org for information about the next group start date.

What if I can’t make it to all the sessions?
We understand that things often come up that may make it difficult for you to attend – that’s ok! If you have to miss a session, let your group facilitator know prior to the session either via email or phone. Several sessions do build on skills learned from earlier sessions, so we encourage you to review any missed material before the next session.

Do I have to be a Mass General patient to join the program?
Yes, we offer the program to adults who receive their care at a Mass General location.

Will I be billed for the group sessions?
Most health insurances provide coverage for this program. However, some patients will have a co-pay. We will work with our billing office to confirm whether your insurance provides coverage for this group treatment. We strongly encourage you to contact your health insurance carrier to find out whether you will have any co-pays or deductibles to consider for group therapy code 90853.

Are there any additional program fees?

There is a $50 fee for the program manual and USB drive containing recordings of all relaxation exercises that we will practice during the program. We ask that you pay the materials fee in advance of the first group session. If you decide to join the group, we will provide you with detailed information about how to submit this fee on-line, by phone, or via mail.

When will I receive the program materials?
You will receive the materials prior to the first group session.

Can my friend/family join?
Unfortunately, because this group is geared toward individuals who have completed treatment, we are unable to accommodate individuals without a history of cancer. There is, however, the original program at the Benson-Henry Institute for Mind Body Medicine. If you believe your family/friend is interested, ask your group facilitator for more information.