Congratulations to Raissa Li for securing the Laidlaw Scholarship from Tufts University to help fund her summer internship in cancer survivorship research!

“The Laidlaw Scholarship at Tufts University funds undergraduates over the course of two summers with a total award of $4,200 each summer and a $1,300 research and travel stipend. Scholars work on research with a Tufts faculty member during the first summer and engage in projects that build leadership skills the second summer. Laidlaw Scholars also participate in mentoring trainings to promote their leadership development.

Through my internship with Dr. Daniel Hall, I will be able to continue developing leadership attributes such as effective communication, critical thinking, teamwork, and research management skills. Dr. Hall is a brilliant and supportive mentor who invests in my personal and career development and has provided me with the immense opportunity to undertake a senior honors thesis in his lab this upcoming academic year.”