Congratulations to Efren Flores, MD, on his Career Development (K) Award! The funded project aims to assess feasibility, acceptability, and effectiveness of a digitally-delivered educational video to increase interest and scheduling of lung cancer screening among Hispanic patients.

Full description:

Lung cancer remains the leading cause of cancer-specific mortality in the US, and Hispanics experience worse lung cancer outcomes due to advanced stage at presentation. Lung cancer screening (LCS) can save many lives through early detection, but without increasing efforts to improve smoking status disclosure and documentation and tailored interventions to promote LCS uptake among Hispanic communities, disparities in lung cancer survival will persist.

Therefore, this proposal aims to  1) To elucidate barriers and facilitators to consistent identification and documentation of smoking status to promote LCS uptake; 2) To assess feasibility, acceptability, and reach of the digital delivery of an educational video to promote LCS; 3) To explore the effect of the digital delivery of the educational video to increase interest, intent, and scheduling of LCS uptake among eligible Hispanic patients.